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Philips Respironics CPAP Defective Devices FAQ

Allegheny County CPAP injury lawyer FAQ

Learn How You May Qualify for Compensation From the Class Action Lawsuit

Starting in June 2021, Philips Respironics, a major manufacturer of medical devices and equipment, recalled millions of CPAP machines and similar devices. These products are used to treat sleep apnea and related conditions, and they were recalled because they contained materials that could break down and be inhaled by users, potentially leading to serious injuries and illnesses. CPAP users are likely to have many questions about how they have been affected and their legal options. The attorneys of Colianni & Leonard LLC can provide guidance to those who have used the recalled devices, and we can help you understand whether you may be able to pursue compensation from the manufacturer.

What Should I Do if My CPAP Has Been Recalled?

If you use a CPAP machine or another recalled device, you may be concerned about whether you should stop using the device and go without treatment for sleep apnea or whether continuing to use the device will put you at risk of injury. To determine how you should proceed, you will want to consult with a doctor or other medical provider. Your doctor can help you weigh your options and decide whether continuing to use a potentially dangerous device may be your best option until you can receive a replacement. They may also help you determine whether other treatments for sleep apnea may be available.

Are There Any Issues That Can Make a Defective CPAP Machine More Dangerous?

Philips has noted that those who continue to use recalled devices until they receive a replacement should follow all instructions and recommendations for cleaning. While some people use ozone or ultraviolet (UV) light cleaning systems, these methods of cleaning may worsen the breakdown of the foam used in the devices, increasing the risk of injury. Philips has also stated that users should not attempt to remove foam from CPAP machines or add filters, since these methods could cause a device to stop functioning correctly.

Was Philips Aware of the Safety Issues Affecting CPAP Users?

The FDA is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the recall. Some reports have found that Philips had received complaints about the issue several years before it initiated the recall and was aware of the dangers presented by noise-dampening foam in the devices. However, Philips continued to sell these products to customers, and it may have delayed the recall until it was able to release new versions of its products to sell to consumers. Due to this failure to take the correct actions to protect people's safety, the company may be held liable for injuries suffered by CPAP users.

What Are the Legal Options for Those Affected by the CPAP Recall?

Multiple people have filed personal injury lawsuits against Philips seeking to recover compensation for injuries that were allegedly caused by their use of defective CPAP machines. At Colianni & Leonard LLC, we have extensive experience with mass torts and class action lawsuits, and we can help you determine the best approach to take to address the harm you have suffered due to a defective CPAP machine. To get legal help with these issues and strong, effective representation to help you pursue compensation for your injuries, contact our office at 412-680-7877 for a free consultation.

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