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Over the last few decades, there has been substantial improvement in the area of gender equality in the American workplace. While it is tempting to believe that gender discrimination is a problem of the past, the reality is that employers do not always treat men and women the same, especially in certain industries. At Colianni & Leonard LLC, we take allegations of gender discrimination seriously, and if you have been a victim, we can help you take action.

Protecting the Rights of Workers in Allegheny County

Under Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is against the law for an employer with 15 or more employees to discriminate against an employee or applicant on the basis of sex. In recent years, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) determined that discrimination on the basis of sex also includes discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Similarly, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act prohibits sex-based discrimination in the state and applies to employers with four or more employees.

Certain behaviors are easily recognizable as gender discrimination. It is illegal for an employer to allow a person's gender to influence decisions regarding:

  • Hiring or firing the person;
  • The person's salary or hourly wage;
  • Promotions or job titles;
  • Benefit packages; or
  • Any other terms or conditions of employment.

Other types of behaviors, however, may be less obvious but are still considered discriminatory. Forcing employees of a particular gender to make coffee or clean the office, for example, would be considered gender discrimination, as would workplace sexual harassment. Discrimination on the basis of familial status is also illegal, and it is often closely related to gender discrimination. An employer who refuses to hire a qualified female candidate because she has small children or could become pregnant would likely be found to have discriminated against the candidate.

Taking a Stand Against Discrimination

At Colianni & Leonard LLC, we understand that victims of gender discrimination often feel isolated and overwhelmed. If you have been discriminated against on the basis of your sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation, we are equipped to help you protect your rights. Our experienced team will investigate the circumstances of your case and assist you in filing your claim with the EEOC or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission as appropriate.

If filing a claim with government agencies fails to produce results, Attorney Vincent Colianni is prepared to take your case to the next level. He and his team will work to negotiate a favorable settlement with the employer in question whenever possible. In many cases, however, employers are not very forthcoming about their behavior and litigation may be necessary. Mr. Colianni is a skilled litigator with more than 20 years of experience, and he will zealously represent your interests in the courtroom as well.

We Can Help

If you have experienced gender-based employment discrimination of any kind, contact our Wexford office. Call 412-680-7877 for a free, no-obligation consultation today. We take every case on a contingency fee basis, which means if we do not secure compensation for you, you do not pay. Our firm represents clients in Valencia, Gibsonia, Sewickley, McCandless, Ross Township, Franklin Park, Allegheny County, and throughout the Pittsburgh region.

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