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Exposure to Toxic Substances Can Result in Autoimmune Conditions

 Posted on June 14, 2023 in Toxic Exposure

Allegheny County Toxic Tort LawyerWhen children are small, they learn about the food chain. They come to understand that, for example, when cows eat grass, the materials in the grass fuel a cow’s milk production and/or tissue growth and regeneration. So, even though a child does not eat grass, they do eat the materials in the grass when they drink milk or enjoy a cheeseburger. If the grass has been contaminated, it may affect the cow and the child alike. Such is the nature of toxic exposure. Even if someone does not work directly with toxic substances, their presence in the air, groundwater, dirt, etc. can result in indirect – and potentially harmful – exposure for those who may come into contact with them “down the line.”

Direct or Indirect Toxic Exposure Can Dysregulate the Immune System

When toxic substances are not managed, stored, and disposed of properly, they can affect anyone who comes into contact with them directly or indirectly. Sometimes, even a single exposure can result in medical consequences for an individual. Sometimes, exposure or buildup within the body must occur beyond a specific threshold to do damage.

In either event, it is well-understood and well-documented that toxic exposure to a variety of hazardous substances – including those that are innocuous in certain forms and harmful in others – can lead to autoimmune disorders. These “invisible” medical conditions can impact every kind of human tissue and every aspect of an individual’s life. These disorders, essentially, cause the body’s immune system to attack its healthy tissue.

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If you or a loved one has developed an autoimmune disorder and you either know or suspect that your harm was caused by a business or government actor's negligent, reckless, or intentional practices, know that you do not need to navigate this injustice without guidance and support. The dedicated team of Pittsburgh, PA toxic tort lawyers at Colianni & Leonard LLC is proud to offer case evaluations at no cost to anyone who is concerned about their rights and options under local, state, and federal law.

You do not need to know that you have a solid case to learn more. All too often, individuals and families suffer alone because they do not know whether they can prove a link between their harm and another’s conduct. By calling 412-680-7877 or reaching out to our firm online, you can learn more about your legal situation. When you have enough information to make an informed choice about your options, we can provide you with any legal support you may require. Do not spend more sleepless nights wondering if anything can be done. We are here to help and we look forward to hearing from you.

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