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Steps to Take if You Are Injured Due to a Property Owner's Negligence

 Posted on May 23, 2019 in Premises Liability

Allegheny County premises liability attorney

Premises liability civil lawsuits come about from injuries that were caused due to unsafe conditions on someone else's property or real estate. In other words, the owner or manager of a property failed to follow specific rules or guidelines, or their negligence led to another person being harmed. This can include things like unsafe working conditions at construction sites, accidents in industrial warehouses, or even a simple slip and fall in a grocery store. Whatever the case, individuals who are injured in such circumstances may be entitled to compensation. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to unsafe conditions at your workplace, on commercial property, at someone's home, or on public premises, follow these steps so you can recover what you deserve:

  1. Check Yourself for Injury. Following a slip and fall, some people may get up and dust themselves off immediately following the fall, downplaying the severity of their injuries. However, some injuries may present symptoms until later. If you have taken a nasty fall or a hit to the head or body, then it is advisable to seek medical attention.

  2. Document the Incident. In some cases, after an injury has occurred, a property owner may try to hide any evidence of the accident or downplay its severity. For example, after a slip and fall on a wet floor in a store, the management can very easily mop up the mess.  Thankfully, with the invention of smart devices, documentation of such incidents is easier. Be sure to take photos or video of the area where the accident or injury occurred. Capture an image of your injury as soon as possible after it happened. That way, if necessary, your attorney can present the documentation to a judge or a jury. 

  3. Do Not Accept Money or Any Form of Compensation After Your Injury. If an injury occurs, the property owner or the manager on duty at the time may try to offer compensation immediately to avoid going to court. Not only is this extremely unethical, but in many places, it is illegal. It is also highly unlikely that what they are offering you will cover the full cost of your injury. Some injuries might take a long time to heal and require expensive medical care. You deserve full compensation for your injury, so you should not accept compensation until you fully understand the extent of your injuries.

Contact an Allegheny County Premises Liability Attorney

Pursuing compensation from a landowner or manager on whose premises you were injured can be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor. That is why you will need the knowledgeable Pittsburgh premises liability lawyers at Colianni & Colianni, LLC. With our many decades of experience, we will work to make sure you get the compensation you deserve if a property owner was negligible. For a free consultation, contact our offices today at 412-943-0007.


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