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The Benefits of Toxic Exposure Screening

 Posted on July 11, 2023 in Toxic Exposure

Untitled-13.jpgIn recent years, it has become common knowledge that individuals who worked and/or lived at Camp Lejeune during a specific period of time were exposed to toxic groundwater. As a result of this exposure, many individuals developed severe medical conditions. Although surviving exposure victims now understand that certain medical challenges stem from such exposure, individuals who got sick before this reality was well known may not have made the connection between water on the Base and their illnesses.

This is just a single example of why it can be important for individuals with certain medical conditions to screen for toxic exposure. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, autoimmune challenges, or degenerative conditions, they may understandably assume that they are experiencing an issue that cannot easily be traced to any particular life-related factor. However, toxic exposure screening may reveal that the origin of their challenges can be traced to workplace or environmental toxic exposure that may, ultimately, be legally actionable.

Toxic Exposure Screening: The Basics 

Veterans who are enrolled in healthcare through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) now qualify for toxic exposure screening as a matter of course. Individuals who cannot receive care at VA facilities will need to seek screening at private or public medical facilities that offer this service. While VA patients are subjected to a standardized toxic exposure process – that does not tend to take very long – civilians may need to answer various questions and consent to bloodwork before their testing process can yield conclusive results.

The primary benefit of undergoing toxic exposure screening is knowledge. Once you can confirm – either way – whether you have been exposed to serious toxins, you can make more informed decisions about your legal options. If you are sick and require significant medical care, tracing the origins of your challenges to unlawful chemical dumping in water near where you grew up, for example, may afford you the opportunity to hold the company that caused your harm accountable for their actions.

Connect with a Knowledgeable Allegheny County Toxic Tort Lawyer Today for More Information

While some toxic exposure cases – especially those that have received high-profile coverage – may be easy to identify, others are subtle. Without toxic exposure screening, you may not be aware that you are in a position to file legal action. 

If you discover that you have been exposed to toxic substances and have been harmed as a result, know that the reputable team of Pittsburgh, PA toxic tort lawyers at Colianni & Leonard LLC can help you to better understand and exercise your rights and options under the law. To get started, consider scheduling a free case evaluation by reaching out online or calling our team at 412-680-7877. We look forward to assisting you. 


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